#QC Quilla Constance _aka_ Jennifer Allen @St John's College Oxford 23 March - 16 April


Quilla Constance_aka_Jennifer Allen

23 March - 16 April 2016

The Kendrew Barn, St John's College Oxford is delighted to present '#QC', an Arts Council England funded solo exhibition of new and existing videos, paintings, photographs, costumes and live performance works by interdisciplinary artist Jennifer Allen aka Quilla Constance 'QC'.

Quilla Constance 'QC' is an 'exotic' militant punk persona created and deployed by Allen to interrogate category driven capitalist networks and locate points of agency within systems of power. As QC, Allen stages and virally inserts her artistic practice within pop culture, traversing music venues, forging protests and entering art galleries in order to emulate and critique the operations of these cultural zones. Here QC offers a raw and fresh frame through which Allen examines the negotiation of black female identities within contemporary British majority culture and high art.

On 23rd March Allen will showcase her newly commissioned video work '#QC_001'. The piece sees Allen channel a guttural, sub-linguistic vocal performance (as QC) - invoking a spirit of conviction reminiscent of the 'holy fool'. Other scenes are interrupted by fractured sequences of erotic media images, interspersed with commercial branding signifiers and pitched alongside vignettes of QC metal guitar, percussive samba, cello, banjo and mandola.

Other videos include 'Happy Christmas Mom & Dad' (2006) - a transgressive work which sees Allen allegedly perform a seductive dance as a gift for her parents on Christmas day.

The exhibition continues with a series of bespoke 'exotic' costume-adorned paintings, QC selfies, live atonal cello and raw sub linguistic vocal performances, transforming The Kendrew Barn into a space where notions of cultural authenticity and taboo are challenged via a series of unexpected visual and aural combinations.

#QC sees Allen's interdisciplinary works conspire to invite the viewer into dialogues through which notions of cultural authenticity and the production of meaning are visibly contested.

QC's previous exhibitions, screenings and performative lectures have taken place at venues such as:

The Freud Museum, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Royal Academy of Arts, Toynbee Studios (Artsadmin), Modern Art Oxford, 176 London (Zabludowicz Collection) and 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning (Funded by Arts Council England, TrAIN, UAL, Diversity Art Forum, Lambeth Council and South London Art Map)


For further information and opening times, see St John's College Oxford site: